Pollution Incident Report


Reporting pollution incidents seems like a trivial thing to many people.  The pollution you see may be a small amount, but the number of incidents over time can add up to a great deal of contamination in the environment.  Remember, the environment is YOUR environment.  Clean water, soil, and air are important to everyone.  In many cases, the amount of pollution doesn’t have to be widespread in order to do terrible damage to the environment.  Think about PCB’s that were used as a dust control agent for dirt roads.  The spraying of that cancer causing toxin (Dioxin) contaminated an entire town (Times Beach, MO) in 1983.  A little carcinogen goes a long way.

This smart phone application, Pollution Incident Reporting Application or PIRAP, will work on iPhones. Other smart phone versions will be released shortly.  You can use PIRAP to easily capture imagery, audio, and other information about what you see.  It automatically provides the date, time, and location of your reported incident to our data base housed on our private servers.  Most importantly, you tell us where to send your report on your behalf...and your report is sent anonymously.  If the state DEP official wants to talk with you, they contact us and we forward that message to you.  You have the choice to contact them...or not, if you wish to remain anonymous.

Ask yourself if having clean water, soil, and air is important to your children’s health, your enjoyment of the beach, or fishing in a river, or any place that polluters have taken from you by their selfish acts.  Remember, when polluters create a mess, we end up getting stuck with the bill. Report acts of pollution and make those responsible for creating a contamination nightmare clean it up.

Now you have the power on your smart phone to catch them in the act. Documentation is important!


Always call 911 if this is an emergency. This reporting app is not designed for reporting emergency situations requiring immediate response. Likewise, call the National Response Center at 800-424-8802 or 202-267-2675 for active oil sill or other ongoing pollution incidents you may see. Click HERE to learn more about the USCG National Response Center. After you have contacted the emergency responders, please document all the pollution actions being taken that you can. Documenting the response is just as important as catching the polluters in the act.


Stop pollution!

Report polluters!

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